Chapter Membership

Membership Fees

The Halifax Chapter membership fees are: $25.00 CAD. Please note the membership fees for the Halifax Chapter are being waived for Students. You must be an IIBA™ Member in good standing to be eligible to be a member in the IIBA™ Halifax Chapter.

IIBA Halifax Chapter Membership can be paid online here.

For general membership information and to register to become a member of the IIBA™ please refer to the Membership page of the IIBA™ website.

Have you just registered to become an IIBA™ Member?

To be added to the Halifax Chapter membership list, please provide your membership number to the Halifax Chapter via email after receiving your membership confirmation from the IIBA™.

Is your organization interested in finding out more about the IIBA™ Halifax Chapter?

If you are interested in having a member of the IIBA™ Halifax Chapter speak to your organization about the local Chapter, please Contact Us.